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Welcome To ICON Bronze, LLC

Welcome to ICON Bronze the official web site featuring our world renowned sculptors. You have found a site that offers the finest in custom statuary, monuments and memorials anywhere in the world. Our team of world class sculptors, artists and craftsmen are the finest that you will be able to find. Our sculptor’s works are in a class all to them selves far above the others out there. You will notice that our works are a little different from others as you notice the painstaking  attention to detail given in each piece. We take pride in giving our clients the quality they deserve at every stage of the project. We are committed to delivering the finest most realistic fine art that money can buy. We are committed to keeping our prices fair and our ethics honest. We are committed to meeting or beating your delivery schedule.

No job is too big or too small we can do it all. Whatever your needs whatever size required we can deliver. With our foundry and studio facilities we can sculpt and cast any size that you require. We specialize in custom portraits to mammoth size monuments. Please give us a chance to give you a quote; you will be glad you did. Our Clients satisfaction is our commitment Quality and service is our guarantee. We truly are among an elite group creating unmatched quality statuary.

Please look through our gallery and photo album and see first hand the quality work that we can do for you. We are extremely flexible in our ability to sculpt anything to fit your needs. We specialize in Sculpture for Schools, Hospitals, Corporations, Churches and Businesses. We also specialize in sculpture of lost loved ones and family members as well as family reunions. If you have need of a gift for a significant business partner or employee, let us know and we will help you create a sculpture that will suit your needs. 

"Where your dreams become reality"

At Icon Bronze we specialize in custom Fine Art Bronze statues and custom bronze sculpture for corporate, school and religious organizations. From sports teams and venues to military bronze statues are our specialty. If you need a custom statue for your health care or government organization, we will have what you need. If your community or home is looking for a bronze statue, look no further Icon Bronze LLC Custom bronze statues and monument commissions, Contact us for a free fast quote, nothing is too big or too small for us. With Icon Bronze you will be working directly with the artist and foundry to insure that your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. We do not pull punches or cut corners on any of the fine art monuments that we create, with us nothing but the best will do. Please call us at 801-649-5823 or Toll Free 877-404-4266  for your custom bronze commission statues. Also feel free to drop an email at for a fast competitive quote on your custom statue commission. We will get your quote right back to you usually within 24 hours or less.

The Sky Is The Limit!

The sky is the limit to our custom designed bronze statues that we can create for your company and community. Icon Bronze LLC bronze military statues custom religious animal and people statue commissions. We have created many custom statues for the military and the our Fallen Heroes. Our bronze statues are located at many Military memorial sites, parks and Military Bases across the country. We have created statues for the Air Force, Army, Marines and Navy and we are proud to honor our troops. We pride ourselves in creating custom bronze statues for schools, churches and businesses across the nation. We have our custom bronze statues dotting the globe as they are located in numerous countries. We specialize in creating custom religious statues and monuments for many church organizations. With our custom bronze commissions you will know that you have selected the finest artist and foundry available anywhere. Our statues will stand out above others because of the meticulous amount of time, care and effort that we put into your piece. We take pride in knowing that we create the finest bronze monuments and bronze small statues available anywhere in the world. We are your foundry for custom interior or exterior custom architectural bronze.

Our Specialty 

We specialize in anything from custom light fixtures, doors, fireplaces, to room numbers and plaques. Architectural bronze from towering fireplaces, elevator doors and custom entry doors as well as pieces and components are in some of the finest high end building on the globe. With Icon Bronze your custom bronze statue is made exactly to order with no surprises and a life time guarantee on craftsmanship and quality of our materials used. We are masters of custom commissioned bronze statues, custom bronze and marble sculpture for corporate, school, religious, sports, military, health care, government, community, home and more. We are second to none when it comes to custom bust and full figure statues. We create custom mascot animal statues and Military statues along with sports figures any other type of statue in any size. We also will be happy to give you pricing on your custom architectural bronze needs.

We can do it all, if its bronze and goes inside or outside of a building we can create it for you. Free FAST Quotes, nothing is too big or too small. Desk size statues and larger than life heroic monuments are just a phone call or email away, contact us today. All of our high quality sculptures are sculpted and cast in the USA by an American Fine Arts Foundry with American materials. Work Directly with the artist. Many of the statues available on our site are available for sale, please drop us a line or give us a call toll free 877-404-ICON (4266) or 801-649-5823 for pricing. If you don't see what you are looking for on our site, don't give up, please give us a call and we can assist in coming up with ideas for your custom bronze commissioned statue project.

Let Us Know How We Can Help You!

Contact us now to request a free quote or consultation on your custom bronze statue today. We will work closely with you to bring your dreams into reality using custom bronze sculpture.  Contact our marketing department director Bob Talbot for a free design consultation on your custom bronze sculpture project.  We are committed to creating monuments and memorials that will meet and exceed your design needs.  Sculptor Stan Watts specializes in the style of classical realism.  His bronze sculptures are cast in the USA using the traditional lost wax bronze casting method. All of our bronze sculptures are cast from the finest quality silicon bronze and finished by hand by the talented craftsmen and artisans. Our fine art Bronze Statue foundry is key to meeting your custom bronze sculptures and bronze statue specifications.

With Icon Bronze You Will Work With
The Sculptor And Foundry Directly

With Icon Bronze, you will work directly with the foundry and artist to create a custom made bronze statue. Our statues will create and satisfy your enjoyment for generations to come. Your concept for a custom statue can quickly become a real bronze sculpture, sculpted by our master artists. Call us for a quick quote on custom bronze sculpture project, we are happy to help.  When you commission a custom bronze sculpture your satisfaction is guaranteed. Our Sculptures are created with the lost wax bronze casting and all is done in the United States of America of the finest quality silicon bronze metal. Icon Bronze will work closely with you to create the Custom Bronze Sculpture that you want created.  Our talented sculptors offer a wide range of custom bronze sculptures. We custom make bronze plaques for memorials and organizations including business logos. Our expertise includes custom bronze portrait statues, bronze portrait bust statues to bronze animals, and custom bronze memorial statues. Our master sculptor specializes in classical bronze sculpture that is cast in the time honored traditional method of lost wax casting method. Our bronze castings are cast by master foundrymen.

Custom Bronze Sculpture From Tabletop
Size To Monumental Works Of Art

Custom created by the bronze artisans at Icon, your statue will be given meticulous attention to every detail. With us, when you inquire about your custom bronze statue commission, we will make every effort to answer all of your questions so that you will know that you have come to the right place. Remember that at Icon Bronze, This Is Where Your Dreams Become Reality. Contact Icon Bronze today regarding your custom bronze sculptures by email:  or by phone: 1(801) 649-5823 toll free (877) 404-4266 For information on custom architectural bronze work and custom bronze sculpture and statues. For your custom bronze memorial sculptures and custom hand sculpted bronze plaques as well as custom bronze monuments.

We can create and design custom made bronze sculptures for you from your ideas or we can help with our ideas. There is no limit to possibilities for your bronze sculpture project. If you want to use our imagination and need some assistance, let us give you even more options. Keeping in mind that custom bronze portrait sculptures are a specialty of ours. Along with bronze statue we create custom bronze plaques that can go with your monuments, fountains and more!

Icon Bronze Creates Custom Architectural
Elements And Custom Statues

Icon Bronze creates custom hand sculpted designer architectural elements such as bronze plaques and signs. If you have a building in need of bronze, we can custom make the Architectural element for you.  We work closely with you make your custom designs a beautiful reality.  Remember that custom architectural bronze adds old world elegance and class to your building designs. At Icon, we are all about making custom bronze sculpture sculpted to suit your every need.  

A custom bronze sculpture portrait of your company's founder or a  historical figure of significance in your company or community will make a lasting impression. We stop at nothing to deliver great and lasting impressive bronze statues and monuments to our customers. A bronze sculpture bust or full figure bronze statue will serve as a timeless advertisement for your company or community. If you want to make a statement with a landmark for your community or business, how about a bronze monument. As you may know, a bronze statue will convey the message, statement as well as statement image of your business.

Custom Bronze Portrait Sculpture
Or Fountain Statues

A custom bronze sculpture, portrait statue or fountain can convey a sense of permanence and solidity for your company.  Your new Bronze statue will last through generations while telling the stories of their subjects to all that admire them. While first impressions can never be repeated, why not do it right the first time with a custom bronze statue by Icon. A Quality custom bronze sculptures at your business or community will make a lasting statement of grace, class, taste and dignity. The possibilities are endless but could include a custom indoor or outdoor bronze sculpture. Perhaps a bronze fountain or portrait busts of a founder or family member. You might consider a bronze sculpture for your office entryways or maybe some custom bronze doors with bronze hardware.  Remember that everything will be sculpted to suit the image and needs of your company.

Our Artists Are Well Trained In Lost
Wax Bronze Casting

The Icon Bronze artists are well trained in the time honored lost wax bronze casting process.  Each with an expert eye for the form design to the texture of a bronze sculpture. We at Icon Bronze agree with you that you don't want to settle for level of mediocrity. We understand that you demand the finest quality bronze statues and monuments available.  That being said, there is no reason to settle for a bronze sculpture just like everyone else has.  You deserve the finest in a custom bronze sculpture custom created to suit your design needs.

 Because we employ the highest skilled foundrymen involved in your bronze casting project, Icon Bronze produces the highest quality custom bronze sculptures. We have sold and shipped our statues virtually world wide and our satisfied customers dot the globe.

We have the capability to ship and install extra large monuments world wide on site.

As For Your Custom Statue
Patina, Finish And Base

We have available to you a custom color patina finish as well as traditional French brown patina. We can match the patina to your design needs for your business or other required needs. On the smaller statues such as portrait bust statues we provide a hard wood base at no additional cost to you.  The custom base can be matched to match your decor needs. If you are in need of a stone base for your statue, we can do that as well but there may be a slight additional cost. Icon Bronze is American Owned and operated by Americans and we are proud of that. 

The foundry uses high quality Everdur silicon bronze. The composition of Everdur bronze is 95% copper, 4% silicon and 1% manganese. This type of bronze produces a much higher quality, more durable and longer lasting bronze sculpture than cheap imported bronze which may have as low as only 50% to 55% copper content. Because of the high quality of bronze used in the creation of bronze sculptures cast by Icon Bronze, rest assured that your statue will last and remain beautiful for generations to come.

Let Icon Bronze Help You With Your Bronze Statue Needs

Let Icon Bronze help you with your custom bronze sculpture creation and remember that the only limit is your imagination!  When you commission a custom bronze statue with Icon,  the sculptors and artisans will create a bronze sculpture which will meet or exceed your needs and expectations. Most statues that we can create are custom bronze sculptures made to order.

As a well known sculptor specializing in American themed and Patriotic bronze sculptures, Stan Watts is who you want on your team. Stan's bronze statues can be seen in many locations across the United States and around the world. If you remember nothing else, give us a chance to provide you with a quote and we will make your dreams become a reality!

See You At The Unveiling!! 

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