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Custom Sculptures

Art immortalize an idea, a thought, a person, or a dream. custom sculptures give what is felt or believed a sense of permanence. This type of art doesn't have to be generic or vague if the artist who creates it has a clear understanding of the purpose and though behind the custom sculptures a group or individual requests. There are many reasons that personal sculptures are sought after, from the needs of businesses, organizations to those individuals who wish to commemorate a person or event. The steps to finding the right company and artist to do the work is not as difficult as might be believed by those unfamiliar with the process.

Finding an Artist

The most important step is naturally finding the right person to do the work. The key is to find those artists who can listen to the desires of those commissioning the work and correctly, access what needs to be accomplished with custom sculptures. In other words, what the artist needs the ability to become inspired by the ideas of others. Look at the various styles an artist has accomplished before not only for artistic ability, but also to see if he or she has created art that appeals to those commissioning the work.

Communicating about Materials

Decide as individual or group what materials would be best for the art. Talking with the artist about what types of materials they have worked with in the past. The goal of custom sculptures is always permanence, so the materials most commonly used are bronze or similar metals such as resin or aluminum. Bear in mind that even in the case of a memorial custom sculptures the result will typical be larger than life size. This will mean a larger amount of whatever material is used. The size of the sculpture as well as the materials should be discussed with artists.

Give the Artist Precise Information

No one can read minds, so naturally artists need information. Take pictures of custom sculptures that are close to the proposed idea. If possible, drawings, pictures of what is to be represented by custom sculptures can aid an artist in forming the design. The artist who is truly in-synch with the client should welcome detailed notes. Give the artist an idea of the size in measurements needed for the work, and what type of cast might work best. Definitely, inform the artist about budget expectations and deadlines.

Find the Right Company or Artist

Artists like those at Icon Bronze have reference and letters of appreciation from past clients on their website. When looking for right artist for custom sculptures this is a large part of the search. Those commission custom sculptures need this type of reassurance that the artist has met or exceeded the expectations of clients. The goal is to find the artist who will complete the work on time, and to the satisfaction of those who commissioned it. Complete the necessary search first does much to ensure a successful sculpture that will last, and service its purpose for a long time.

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